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We have created electric chain hoists that can raise practically any sort of weight with a high degree of safety using quick or individually tailored lifting actions thanks to our experience and proximity to the client. MARUTI chain hoists are electrically propelled and, depending on the situation, may be moved either electrically or manually using trolleys. A MARUTI electric chain hoist may of course also be used on a crane or in a stationary position.

Extremely safe electric chain hoists from us

Our electric chain hoists provide increased safety over conventional controls because of its reliable and tested electronic control. Our electric chain hoists meet the safety-related functions. Our chain hoists will effectively lift your weight. In every application, your load is secured by the conventional operational limit switches, 24 V contactor control.

A Maruti chain hoist always adheres to a practical overarching principle. We always utilize the best materials, whether it's for the chain, crabs, or mobile hoist equipment. Our electric chain hoists come with a number of built-in safety measures and ergonomic enhancements as standard equipment. We strive to raise and lower your weight as smoothly, effectively, and safely as we can.

Superiority for increased effectiveness

Chain Hoist Manufacturers & Suppliers in India

Many of our electric chain hoist models come equipped with a gearbox service life that is rated 20% longer in terms of FEM classification. This provides you the assurance that a much longer chain hoist service life can be ensured. Additionally, the electric chain hoist's consistent availability is ensured by the large dimensioning of all parts. Our Plug & Lift and Plug & Drive technology makes the equipment simple to use and provides the best ergonomics. Plug-in connectors are used for the electrical connections. Without the requirement for wiring, the control cable length or pendant controller location may be flexible altered.

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