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Electric Heavy-Duty Winch Manufacturer

Today's elevators, tow trucks, steam shovels and other everyday machinery all include electric winches at their core. Electric Heavy-Duty Power Winches are now being produced by many businesses, notably for industrial purposes. As these winches are used on a regular basis, it is crucial to select a high-quality product from the range of production facilities because it affects our safety.

Although most units also produce devices that function with the opposite hand, these heavy-duty winches are typically handled with the right hand. The I.S.M.C. and C sections of the base frame must be used, or the plates must be ribbed. The working space must be floored with a checker plate platform, and lifting lugs must also be available. For simple foundation, the Electric Heavy-Duty Power Winch is typically available with anchoring holes.

Qualities to consider :

  • Effective Reduction Capacity

    Electric Heavy-Duty Power Winch Reduction uses a Homemade Helical Reduction It is typically preferred to use a gear box or other reduction with open Spur gears and pinions. This is done to improve the Winch's performance when handling heavy duty.

  • Rope Drum and Capacity

    It is usual to find steel drums that have been machined with flanges at both ends. The Electric Heavy-Duty Power Winch has a maximum weight capacity of 50 metric tonnes.

  • Winding capacity

    There is an electric heavy-duty power winch that can wind 1000 metres of rope. Users have a choice between drums on the market that have a higher winding capacity.

  • Find the Control panel by

    One key component to consider is the control panel of an electric heavy-duty power winch. Typically, the machine comes with an 110V push button and controller. These machines frequently use additional control devices like Triple Pole reversing contractors, Pilot lamps, H.R.C fuses, etc., and a high-quality brand may provide long-lasting advantages.

Electric Heavy-Duty Power Winch's motor and brake wizardry

It is essential to have motors with high starting torque, adequate insulation, induction capacity, and good quality slip ring/squirrel cage motors since these features will improve the motor's overall performance and efficiency. The brake is equally crucial to the motor. To ensure safety, a powerful and dependable braking system is necessary. Electrohydraulic thrusters with double shoe brakes are among the most widely used and trusted types of braking systems to ensure greater effectiveness. In case of emergency, a hand brake provision that is optional is also required.

Look for items on the market with extended warranty durations. There are possibilities for additional warranties in addition to the standard one-year guarantee period for electric heavy-duty power winches.

Salient Features of Electric Winch:

  • Design :- Power Driven Winch Machines are ideal for heavy-duty applications and are made in accordance with IS-9507-1979. Winches are typically produced with right hand operation, however depending on the application, they can also be provided with other side operations.
  • Base Frame :- Constructed from I.S.M.C. & C Sections/Plates that are properly ribbed, floored with a checked plate platform for the working area, lifting lugs, and anchoring holes for the foundation are all given.
  • Reducer :- First stage reduction with an open spur gear and pinion system or a self-made helical reduction gear box of reputable manufacture.
  • Rope Drum :- A well machined steel-fabricated drum with flanges on both ends.
  • Capacity Of the Winch Machine :- up to 50MT (metric tonne)
  • Winding Capacity :- 100 metre of wire rope may be wound. There are other drums with more winding capacity.
  • Motor :- NGEF, Crompton, BBL, and BHT, among other reputable manufacturers, offer high starting torque, class "B" insulation, 150 starts per hour, 415 V, 50 Hz, three-phase AC induction, and squirrel cage/slipring motors that comply with IS-325.
  • Control And Control Panel:- An 110V fixed Push Button Station/Controller is used to operate the winch. Control equipment from reputable manufacturers like ABB/BCH/SIEMENS, such as triple pole reversing contractors, H.R.C. fuses, pilot lamps, etc.
  • Brake :- Depending on the situation, either a hand-operated brake, a double-shoe type brake, or an electromagnetic/electrical hydraulic thruster will be available.
  • Frame:- I.S.M.C.
  • Test :- Every machine is tasted at a 25% overload.
  • Warrantee :- 12-month factory-based warranty from the date of delivery against any manufacturing flaw
  • Technical Improvement :- We retain the right to make any necessary changes without prior notification

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