With flexible trolleys that can manoeuvre around tight turns, fast speeds, and high lifts, MARUTI produced Flame Proof Hoist are tiny, tough, and attractive in appearance to satisfy special needs. These hoists are appropriate for use in foundries, chemicals plants, and steel mills. This can be produced based on a client's specifications.

This is commonly employed in various fields and will lessen the amount of physical labour required of humans. There are two types of hoists: fixed and movable with travelling trolleys. High-quality trolley hoists use a low headroom arrangement that places the trolley parallel to the beam to give the least amount of headroom.

Types of Flame Proof Hoist Travelling Trolleys

  • Motorized Travelling Trolley
  • Geared Travelling Trolley
  • Manual Push Pull Travelling Trolley

A completely unique hoist product designed for optimal operator comfort and control is the MARUTI Flame Proof Hoist. These hoists, which come in capacities ranging from 500 kg to 20,000 kg and with various speed adjustments, can manage difficult weights by precisely situating the load. This hoist's range of speeds makes it ideal for a variety of challenging product handling issues while ensuring smooth travel. For usage in the cement, chemical, pharmaceutical, steel, fertiliser, plastic, and other sectors, slow microspeed, radial trolleys for curved radii, and high speed, higher lift hoists are available.

Special Features:

  • CONSTRUCTION HOISTS are manufactured in a modular fashion and are made up of various independent parts, including a brake, motor, gear box, wire rope drum, electrical control panel, and travelling trolley.
  • These devices are all conveniently accessible for maintenance and repairs without interfering with one another.
  • Additionally offered in FLAME PROOF CONSTRUCTION appropriate for hazardous environment gas classes I, II A, II B, and II C.
  • 100 percent BRAKE When there is a power outage, the failsafe immediate action brake instantly engages.
  • LIMIT SWITCHES are offered as a safety feature to stop excessive lifting and lowering.
  • Limit Switches can be quickly adjusted to the proper working height.
  • In order to protect the operator, PENDENT - Push Button Stations run on low voltage of 42/110 volts.

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