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Due to its electronic overload protection and slack chain management, our produced Flameproof Wire Rope Hoist is very well known in both the domestic and foreign markets. A workstation, jib crane, or overhead crane may all install this hoist well as its design is flameproof. In very combustible environments like coal mines, refineries, and chemical processing facilities, our offered wire rope hoist is in great demand. Furthermore, the Flameproof Wire Rope Hoist features a light headroom and safety hook suspensions.

A great material handling tool for moving large items in hazardous areas is the Flame Proof Wire Rope Hoist. Our FLP Wire Rope Hoists are made to order according to the specifications of our customers, and the building material may be gun metal, aluminium bronze, or aluminium phosphorous. The panels, motors, brakes, cables, and other electrical parts of the Flameproof Wire Rope Hoist are all acceptable for hazardous environments. FLP hoists are typically employed in hazardous environments or businesses such as paint manufacturers, gas power plants, chemical facilities, and oil refineries.

Flame Proof wire rope hoists up to a 40T capacity are produced by Sahjanand Engineering, and they can have a fixed suspension, a non-sparking geared trolley, a non-sparking power trolley, or a non-sparking boogie trolley.


Technical Specifications :

  •  Safe Working Load : 1000 kgs. to 20,000 kgs.
  •  Heights of Lift : As per client requirements
  •  Standards and Class of Duty : Equivalent to IS 3938
  •  Speeds : Determined by customer requirements, applications, and shed dimensions
  •  Crane Control : Optional Radio Remote Control, Flame Proof Type From Floor Through Pendant Push Buttons
  •  Drive System : Built-in fail-safe brakes on drive through squirrel cage induction gear motors
  •  Motors : Squirrel cage induction hoisting motors that are flame proof with built-in fail-safe brakes for hoisting For all motors, insulation class is B/F
  •  Brakes : Built-in Flame Proof Type Brakes for Hoisting and Cross Motions
  •  Power Supply System : Trailing cables are used to hoist and cross travel
  • Rope Drum: Pipes with grooves for wire rope to be properly seated.
  • Frame: Made of plates that conform to IS: 2062, Grade A, with a laser-cut profile that was properly completed in a boring machine.
  • Gears & Pinions: Helical type gears and pinions manufactured of alloy steel that have been properly hardened and tempered. For a quieter, more noise-free operation, teeth cutting is done following heat treatment.
  • Bearings: Grease-packed heavy-duty ball bearings of reputable brands are utilised on all moving components.
  • Motors: S4, crane duty, 150 starts per hour, 40% CDF Squirrel Cage motors in accordance with IS: 325
  • Wire rope: Made in accordance with IS: 2266, acceptable structure, and safety factor as advised in IS: 3938.
  • Rope guide: a device that is available for directing the rope along the axis of rope slides and is simple to remove from the rope drum.
  • Hook: IS: 3815-compliant forged steel hook supported by thrust bearings. On demand, hooks in accordance with IS: 15560 will be provided.
  • Brakes: Disc brakes made by ACEM are available for the hoist and the cross traverse upon request.
  • Limit Switch: For over-hoisting and over-lowering, a standard roller type limit switch is supplied.
  • Trolley Adjustment: The trolley is easily scalable to accommodate various beam widths. Higher flange width must be made available upon request.

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