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Material handling is a crucial department in any industrial sector since it involves the mass transportation of materials from one location to another, changing the character of the materials in the process while in the most profitable and important area, costs may be kept to a minimum. Workers are required to pay charges and receive minimal protection when moving these bulky items. Prices are reduced, but the final product eventually has a poorer quality.

An essential component of industrial lifting equipment or for material handling is the EOT (Electronic Overhead Traveling) cranes of various types and each has its own usage. Structures are carried utilising a wire rope hoist by overhead single girder EOT cranes. Lastly, it falls under the umbrella of standard cranes. Depending on the number of cross girders and the kind of operation, single girder eot cranes are further divided into categories.

What is Single Girder EOT Crane?

One kind of safe, affordable, and effective EOT crane is the single girder eot crane kind. It contains material handling EOT cranes with a 20-ton capacity that are beneficial to the material handling industry. Manufacturer of single girder EOT cranes Sahjanand Engineering creates cranes for light-duty and brief-duration tasks. It includes a wire rope, hook, electric motor brake, drum, pulley, and several other parts that travel through rails fastened to gantry girders.

  • Capacity Range


  • Lifts

    As per Customer Req.

  • SPAN

    UP TO 30 Mtr.



Single Girder Crane Manufacturer

We manufacture and supply single girder EOT cranes that are designed by Sahjanand Engineering in accordance with the most recent Indian specifications. From a functional standpoint, Sahjanand Engineering is a flexible option for various sectors when it comes to EOT Cranes Exporting from India.

Finding a eot crane manufacturer in India shouldn't be difficult. Verify the company's ratings, reviews, and year-over-year experience. Manufacturers of single girder EOT cranes in India are well-known by the name of Sahjanand Engineering. We have a stellar reputation and a wealth of expertise with EOT crane applications all over the globe. The level of trust that consumers have in the business is determined by its business structure. To establish a relationship and keep it going long after the service is over, we offer extraordinary services.

Single girder EOT cranes are mostly supplied in the warehousing and light-duty material handling sectors. It just requires occasional maintenance and features a single main girder that is simple to install. Because of its reduced weight restrictions, it is employed in less demanding industrial applications.

Special Features of Single Girder cranes :

  • Light Weight and compact construction minimizing building loads and space saving
  • Suitable for Light and Medium duty workshop applications
  • All motors are TEFC with class F insulation
  • Heavy duty cast steel rope guide
  • Upper and Lower hook travel limit switch
  • Additional Counter weight operated over hoist limit switch as option
  • VVVF drives are available as an option
  • Compact and lightweight festoon or C rail cable vsystem
  • Pendent and Radio remote control operation
single girder crane manufacturer

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